What is the Running Lab and Why Would I Need This?

Runners are often at risk for injury or have limited performance potential due to a variety of factors. Many people blame the activity of running for their injuries, when often times they can be prevented with simple exercises and basic corrections to your running form.This in turn can lead to improved performance and speed.

The Running Lab at AF&T is a program designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your strength, flexibility, range of motion, functional mobility and running mechanics. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are movement specialists and provide a thorough evaluation using objective tests and measures as well as video analysis of your gait to identify impairments, treat injuries and correct running form.

Running Lab
Running Lab

Our Goal

As members of the local community we want people to love running as much as we do. Our goal is to help both novice and elite runners of all ages find their greatest potential to make our community a healthier, happier place.

We’re not just for runners! Running is the common denominator in most team sports. Running form, however, is rarely ever addressed. Tapping into and realizing your full running potential can improve your performance with most sports such as soccer, lacrosse, baseball and football.

Running Lab
Running Lab

Pricing and What’s Included

RunningLab-6$100 for 90-minute Evaluation

  • Full physical therapy evaluation using objective tests and measures of strength, flexibility, range of motion and balance
  • Full functional mobility screen
  • Shoe analysis tailored to your foot type and running form
  • Treadmill 2D video Running Analysis
  • Manual therapy if needed and as time allows
  • Comprehensive review of all measures and running form using video playback to visually see your running form
  • Complete recommendation and home exercise program

$75 for 60-minute follow running session

  • Strength and conditioning training tailored to your personal mobility and strength deficits
  • Running form training tailored to your running gait
  • Manual therapy as needed
  • Home exercise recommendations
physical therapy
Running Lab

 $200 for 3 follow-up training sessions

$375 for 6 follow-up training sessions

Current patients receive a discount on all running lab services

Packages available for groups or team training; can be done either in house or off site at practice location